Veda Pendleton & Company
At Veda Pendleton & Company, hope and love are at the heart of all that I do. As an
educator with decades of teaching and learning experience, I still believe that anything is
possible when people and organizations are equipped with the proper knowledge, skills,
and dispositions to accomplish their dreams and goals.
That’s where I come in to meet your needs. My experiences and skill set have
uniquely prepared me to help you. Here’s a list of the services offered by Veda Pendleton
& Company.

  • DEI work – As an award-winning diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist and
    professional, consulting services that challenge and change traditional thought
    patterns and practices are offered. I help clients better understand diversity, equity,
    and inclusion in schools and organizations that increase the success rates of students,
    teachers, and employees.
  • Literacy – Literacy is my bag! I can teach anyone how to read and write. School-age
    students are taught how to decode and understand whatever they read. They also
    learn that clear writing is a reflection of clear thinking, and I walk them through the
    thought processes.
  • Parenting – Using knowledge gained from decades of successful parenting, I offer
    parenting strategies and insight to provide positive growth and development for
    children and families.

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