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Our Consulting Services

A multi-passion establishment, Veda Pendleton & Company offers a range of services for businesses, schools, and individuals. As a diversity, equity, inclusion and allyship company, we provide consultation, guidance, and how-to(s) for meeting social justice goals, addressing inequitable instructional challenges, and helping each and every organization and learner achieve social justice.

Education Lab

Services are provided to enrich and accelerate the educational and literacy needs of K-16 learners.

Every child deserves a classroom teacher who is culturally responsive. A signature service is showing educators how to become effective as  culturally responsive teachers. Individual and cohort services are available.

Social Justice

A key component of establishing justice in the world is helping others understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We offer consultation services that seek to bring people together for deeper understanding.

Parenting Education

Parenting is never easy, and babies don’t come with operation manuals. I offer practical insight for parents and caregivers at each stage of parenting.

¬†TestimonialOur training in school-based Restorative Practices has been strengthened by the incorporation of Dr. pendleton’s modules on education equity. Her wisdom and experience in this area has enriched the learning for our train participants and everyone involved.

Danny Malec, Executive Director, Georgia Conflict Center 


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